Privacy Policy for Junior Players

Berkshire Hockey Association want to make sure that all personal details we hold about you are safe and secure. In order to do this, we have put together some information which explains to our players what we do with the data and what you can do if you want to see what information we keep or if you have any questions about it. We are what is known as a Data Controller. This means we have control over how your details are used and who we pass them to.

Some organisations need to appoint a person to make sure that they look after your data and they would be called a Data Protection Officer. We don’t need to have a Data Protection Officer, but instead, we have decided to put together a team of people to make sure your details are kept safe. Anyone from the team can be contacted through our website at

1. What type of data do we collect from you?

We might collect the following personal details about you before and during your time as player, such as:

  • details of how we can contact you, such as your name, email address and phone number;
  • your birth year;
  • your gender;
  • records of when you contact us or we contact you, or when you asked us to do something;
  • any feedback you give us;
  • details of any payments made on your behalf;
  • how you use our website (cookies);
  • records that tell us when you were at training sessions or matches.

2. Special Information

We may also hold and use what is known as special information such as details about your health, medical condition, injuries or disability. We will only ever use this information if we have a really good reason to do so such as an emergency or accident at training or during a match.

3. Where do we collect this information from?

We collect personal information about you when you or your parent/guardian registers you for either Development Centre or Academy Centre training programmes or when you contact us by phone or e-mail.

We may also collect personal information about you when you are nominated to the Berkshire Hockey Development Centre programme by your school or club.

4. Why do we need your information and how do we use it?

Data Use Reason
Your name, birth year, and when you browse our website This allows us to make sure you are in the correct squad and coaches can identify you more easily. To allow us to call you by your name and England Hockey rules dictate which age group you should train with.
Records of attendance at events or competitions. It is important for us to know how many sessions and matches you attend. Attendance at training sessions is important and by keeping a register of this, we can monitor your progress.
Photographs or videos To allow us to promote hockey to new players. We only use your photograph where you have given us permission to do so and it may then appear on our website to promote hockey.
Records of attendance at events and competitions If there is an emergency and we need to leave the pitch, we would need to know who was on the pitch before it was evacuated. We must provide a safe environment for you to play hockey in.
Health and medical information To make sure all players are able to train safely and if there is a medical emergency this information will help medical staff.

Essential for the safety and wellbeing of all players.

(see item 2 above)

5. Who else may use your details?

Your squad’s coaches and Team Manager need some of your information, such as medical information just in case there is a medical emergency. We may send your details to others to help us run our organisation such as England Hockey.

6. Are your details safe?

We have put in place lots of security measures to make sure your details don’t go missing or get used in a way they shouldn’t be. We have a great team of people working with us who are trained to know how to use your details securely and will only use your details when and how we tell them to.

Did you know that all ‘data controllers’ based in the European Union and the UK like us are subject to laws that make sure that your personal details are safe?Sometimes some of your personal details may be transferred to and stored in countries outside of the UK and the European Union, which are not subject to the laws that make sure your details are safe. Where this happens, we will do everything we can to make sure that your details are kept safe and secure.

7. How long do we keep this information for?

We collect details from you for different reasons and so we might keep some for different lengths of time. For example, we might have to keep some for a long time for legal reasons, but most of the time, we will keep your details for 6 years after you last get in touch with us.

It is important to make sure that the details we hold about you are accurate and up-to-date, so make sure you let us know if anything such as your email address changes. You can normally do this by contacting us at

8. What can you ask us about your data?

Did you know you can ask us to do lots of things with your details?

You can ask us:

  • to tell you how your details are being used;
  • to correct some of the details we hold if they are wrong or if they change;
  • to delete all of the details we hold (unless we have a good reason not to!);
  • to stop using your details in a certain way;

Some of the rights may not always apply to the personal details we hold for you, as there are sometimes rules meaning we need to hold on to some information.

DON’T FORGET though, if you have told us we can use your information in a certain way and you would like us to stop, you can tell us to stop at any time. If you have any questions or are unhappy about something, please contact us at

9. What happens if we need to change this notice?

If we make big changes, the date at the bottom of the notice will be changed. Of course, where we are required to do so by law, we will ask for your permission before we change the reason for using your details.

Berkshire Hockey Association

30th April 2018